Publication: Middlesex School



While visiting Boston, I had a great opportunity to shoot some architectural photographs for Middlesex School, a private preparatory school located in Concord, Massachusetts. The picturesque campus was featured in the 1992 film School Ties. It's a beautiful location, nestled against a backwoods pond, the grounds charged with Ivy League atmosphere and old New England charm. A big change from the Los Angeles landscape!

The focus of the photography was to create a collection of images that could be used for the school's recruiting and promotional materials. The pictures were crafted with a clean, traditional feel, so as to showcase the purity and beauty of the campus and its natural surroundings. Select images were recently included in the school's 2008 publications. It's always a real treat to see your images in press.

I'd like to thank David Livesey for involving me on this assignment. David is extremely prolific in the printing industry, always producing work with top-notch print quality, and it's been a real pleasure participating in one of his projects.

Here's a sampling of the photography, some of which appear in the publication.