Bad Baby Fashions [Silverlake Lifestyle Portraits]



Talk about a Bad shoot! Bad personalities, Bad locations, Bad wardrobe. "Bad "... in that GREAT kind of way!

Beth Andrus, owner and lead designer of Bad Baby Fashions, specializes in hip, graphic T-shirts for women, and the uniqueness of Beth's designs and quality of the company's merchandise is just fantastic. The casual wear is playful and modern, and when Beth enlisted me to photograph the launch of this season's tees, we immediately started thinking of fun and creative ways to visualize the youthful soul of these styling threads.

The lovely Cari Ann Craig and Christine Guerra, both newcomers to modeling for the camera, did a bang up job sporting the fashions and working it, always looking so natural and at ease. Their willingness to let loose and have fun really brought out the colorful spirit of the tees. Beth's good friend, Michael Flores, was on hand to keep that mood alive and energized, making sure the gals always looked their best. I wish I had that kind of support on every shoot!

Beth scored "location, location, location" by selecting three dramatic urban environments for the session -- Hyperion Bridge, Atwater Village, and the rooftop of a Silverlake condo with this crazy view of the entire city and downtown. I've never really explored this part of Los Angeles, so it's always an eye opener to visit someplace new and see surroundings in a fresh way. I even decided to experiment with some new post processing techniques, incorporating some of Beth's designs and logo into the finished images.

Beth, thanks again for involving me in the project. Your designs speak to your enthusiasm, talent, and love for life. Congrats, and I hope to revisit my Bad side again next season!