Plum Island Beach Senior Portrait Photography



When T. and her mom initially booked this Plum Island senior portrait session a month back, none of us could have anticipated what was to be our unique day on the island. During our late afternoon session, Hurricane Dorian was working its way up the Atlantic, churning far off the coast of New England. Though clear and calm in the skies, the waves themselves were an echo of the distant storm offshore. I’ve never seen surf like this before at Plum Island: high, pounding waves emboldened by the high tide, with the occasional rogue extending its sudden reach as far up as the dunes. They say never to take your eye off the ocean — but with my eye photographing this senior — I did just that and got a good soaking to the backside when a wave raced all the way up the beach to the erosion fences.

The storm also gifted us some pretty amazing light: oranges and blues, with soft, diffuse mist. Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold, and T. did an amazing job, having such a natural sense of posing and being herself with the camera. Thank you again for choosing to collaborate with me on your pictures, and best of luck to you in the school year going forward!