Maudslay Park Senior Portrait Photography



Whenever possible, I try to arrive early at my sessions, so I can take the time to walk about our selected location and get a sense for the possibilities the place holds given the light on our day. For Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, I decided to arrive a half hour early, because the park is a really wonderful patchwork of trails that can lead you to sights as numerous as rose gardens, historic architecture, fields, bridges, and a view of the Merrimack River. Take a different path, and you’ll find yourself visiting other sights, such as a real life pet cemetery (very cool, but for a different shoot!). So given senior portrait sessions last about an hour, I wanted to lay out some mental breadcrumbs, marking a trail to some of the more promising spots so we could make the most of our time, because it can be pretty easy to wander off here on a trail you didn’t intend.

L. and her mom were great sports trekking through a good portion of the park, and I have to give credit to L. for her willingness to try each and every pose, especially venturing into the wildflower grass. I imagine these flowers won’t be around much longer as we approach fall, so I’m happy we were able to enjoy and include them in our photographs. Awesome job, L.!

Thank you again to the both of you for entrusting me to be your photographer!