Downtown Newburyport Senior Portrait Photography



“Magic Hour” or “Golden Hour”— that hour or so just before sunset — is a favorite of natural light photographers (myself included), known for its low, golden glow of light as the sun creeps below the horizon. But there’s a lesser known Magic Hour, and that’s the first hour of light each day, when the light can be just as flattering as its evening counterpart, with equally rich colors and tones. Depending on the hour of sunrise and season, this magic window can even be extended into mid-morning — good news for those of us who aren’t early birds!

I met “H.” in downtown Newburyport at 9am on a weekend morning for her senior portrait session. We were able to shoot for a full hour, and, thanks to a light cloud cover, could choose to photograph anywhere we wanted, without having to rule out spots where unfiltered sun would have made certain locations less than ideal. The other benefit of an early morning session is there’s a lot less other people around, again opening up the possibilites as to where to shoot and giving you a bit more privacy, if that’s important to you.

Thank you, H., for all of your good-humored energy, despite the morning hour! I had a great time working with you and wish you the best on your future adventures!