Colby Farm Sunflower Portrait Session



“If you build it, they will come.” - Field of Dreams

You remember the classic film, the iconic baseball field on a plot of secluded farmland — a field of dreams with an ability to attract people far and wide to partake in its magic. That’s Colby Farm in Newbury, MA this time of year, as their annual bed of sunflowers bursts forth in majestic bloom for a mere couple of weeks late August, beckoning thousands to come relish their fleeting color. It’s an amazing sight to behold, and if you’re lucky enough to experience the flowers on a bright, sunny day, you’ll be treated to a fiery display of yellow that’s hard to match in any other garden setting.

It’s no surprise that Colby Farm is a hot spot not only for tourists, but photographers. Whether you’re shooting on a cell phone or “pro” camera, the sunflowers are a must-see and make for a great take for both portrait and landscape photography. For the past few days, I’ve been shooting both mini-sessions and one hour portrait sessions at Colby Farm, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing a sampling of that work here on the blog. Up first, a full-length shoot with “A.”, who had been wanting a portrait session among the sunflowers for a while and reached out to me after coming across my work online. What I loved about working with A. is her energy, her passion for photography, and the ideas she brought to the table — like the balloons and how they danced in delicate harmony above the flowers. There’s much to enjoy at Colby Farm, and I’m so glad we had the chance to explore these fields in detail while in peak bloom.

If you’re still trying to see the sunflowers, Colby Farm planted two beds this year, one seeded slightly after the first, which might extend the bloom into the first week of September. To my visitors, I hope you enjoy the photographs. And thank you again, A., for choosing to collaborate with me!