Press Printed Books



Happy New Year! I hope January is off to a kick-butt beginning for everyone. We are jump-starting 2010 with a move: packing boxes, rendezvousing with appliance deliverymen, juggling intermittent internet access... you get the idea. Blog posts might be a bit lean over the next month or so while we shake things up and regroup... but I'll still be shooting away as we rebuild our nest in another corner of Southern California.

For today, check out the book for Michael & Jennifer that just got signed, sealed, delivered - it's theirs! I love the color and detail in these press printed pieces. We coordinated a square 12x12 couple's book with a 5x5 family duplicate, and I think they make for a nifty pair.  Michael & Jennifer opted for a graphic, magazine-style layout, and by limiting the amount of images for inclusion in the book, we were really able to do some great full page portraits and two-page panoramic spreads. Even with the tiny center gutter, the pictures translate seamlessly and have plenty of room to stretch and breathe. It's not always easy culling through hundreds of wedding images to approve a select handful for the album, but less really is more with page design.

And, although we don't want to judge a book by its cover, it's always nice to have options: photo, fabric or leather. Keep the large book on a shelf safe at home, and pop its small counterpart in a purse for sharing your favorite images on-the-go.