What's It All About?

December, already? Essh, where did the year go? It's that time for family and friends, and I feel pretty fortunate to be able to put the brakes on work a bit this month and spend some quality time with those who are always there for me, even when I'm neck deep in photo bliss.

Gian and I have just returned from a fantastic weekend getaway at a B&B in Santa Barbara, and, as much as I might have liked to have escaped all that is photo-related for a few days, I still brought along my trusty camera and took in some amazing sights. I'm glad I did, and we'll share some of those goodies later.

In the meantime, I offer up just a single image today -- the Garcia family -- and I can't wait to see how your holiday cards turn out, guys! It's always a privilege to be asked to capture an image like this. See, while staying at the B&B, I couldn't help but admire the collection of family portraits lining the wall of the old staircase leading down into the den. I had no insight as to who these folks were; the images were from a time gone by, absent of any fancy footwork or camera trickery, and yet my eye was always drawn to them, and I'm reminded that the ultimate value of an image is the content. Family. Friends. Significant other. Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these are the real, timeless values.... and they don't expire in 24 hours.... well, usually.

End of Hallmark -- but heartfelt -- moment :)