Ceramics To Go



Here's a little something to keep the blog a-hoppin' while I'm busy editing away on a really fun birthday event. In between portrait sessions, I'll often pick up a commercial assignment or two -- this one for Ceramics To Go, a cool paint-it-yourself ceramics studio located in Manhattan Beach. The company is expanding fast, and their marketing director was in need of an image of the store's interior for a 87"x80" display, to be used at their vendor booth during the upcoming West Coast Franchise Expo in downtown LA.

The trick was maintaining resolution at that size, as well as fitting the panoramic expanse of their store into the squarish proportions of the display. A fish eye lens would add too much distortion to the merchandise, so instead I shot about 10 separate images and stitched them together into this panorama:

Then, from the middle, I cropped into the 87"x80" select for the display:

Presto! You're all fascinated, I can tell -- Ha! But hey, if I can't share with my readers, then who? Stayed tuned for the next event, coming soon! For now, I'm back to editing and trying not to eat all of tomorrow's Halloween candy.