Let's Hang Out - Canvas Prints

After recently selling a couple of my Plum Island prints, I decided it was time I finally invested in a print of my work for our own enjoyment at home. In this digital age, too often images don't make it past the computer screen, and you forget how nice it is to hang something up on the wall. I also wanted to experiment with a new product offering, canvas prints. Rather than the image being processed on traditional photo paper, the photograph is instead printed onto a high quality archival canvas and stretched over a frame.

The image bleeds continuously over all four edges, and sits raised from the wall at a height of about 2 inches. It's a bold, contemporary alternative to the classic frame, and the quality and craftsmanship of the canvas is top notch.

I splurged for the 16x24" canvas, but there's a wide selection of sizes available -- both smaller and larger -- so if you have a favorite image from your session or event you've been thinking about displaying at home, definitely give these a shot. It comes ready to hang, right out of the box. Pricing is available upon request, so feel free to ask!