The End Of A Beginning


t's hard to believe 2007 is nearing a close. So much has happened this past year with Stephen Grant Photography, and I'm very excited about all the new directions coming up in 2008. I want to thank family and friends, and Gian, in particular, for all of their support and motivation these past few months in getting things off the ground. I also wish to extend a special thanks to all of my clients -- for your patronage, good nature, compliments, and referrals. I really couldn't have asked for a better group of people to kick things off. And thanks to those who've made visits to my site, checked out the work, and come back for more. You're always welcome. Feel free to say hello.

In the coming weeks, Jean Claire's portrait session will be gracing the blog, and then we'll relax a touch for Christmas. If I've been good enough, Santa Baby just might be leaving me a few new camera toys. I look forward to working with some of you again in 2008, and welcoming a bunch of new faces as well! Here's a bit of my holiday graphic design for your enjoyment (click for larger view):

Original Designs for Rhythm & Hues Studios

Happy Holidays!