Grace + Jeremy [Bowers Museum Wedding]



Spirits and Headhunters. That's what the sign said.

Polynesian sculptures to my left. Reception guests tripping the light fantastic to my right. Old world relics resonating to the beat of Ludacris. Don't touch the art, but rock the heck out of it :) . I'm pretty sure I won't be experiencing this very unique combination again anytime soon, and it's moments like this that speak to the wonderfully memorable celebration that is Jeremy and Grace's wedding.

And not for one day, but two.

Saturday began with getting-ready coverage at the Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa. And then, adjacent to the hotel, one discovers Noguchi Gardens, a hidden nook ripe with photo opts amongst the graphic lines and sculpted stone. A truly inspiring place for portraits, so long as you find your muse before security kindly asks you to go find inspiration elsewhere [grin].

Continuing their commitment to style, Grace and Jeremy hosted their event at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana. (That's where the spirits and headhunters come in). Vows were exchanged in a lush outdoor courtyard, with their reception staged smack dab in the middle of that very cool museum collection hall. Some crazy fun, right?

Sunday, chapter two. A mirage of red -- Grace, striking in her hanbok -- materialized from across the greens of Irvine's William R. Mason Park to share in a traditional Korean p'yebaek (ceremony) with Jeremy.

Bride and groom knelt reverently before their parents, who in turn tossed chestnuts toward the newlyweds -- each nut caught signifying the prospect of fertility (a.k.a. lots of kiddos!). Considering the bounty scored, Jeremy and Grace might consider adding a nutcracker to the registry -- well done! Celebrations concluded with Grace and the moms enjoying a piggyback ride, courtesy of the groom, in a demonstration of the new husband's strength. Chiropractors, take note. And after having paid respects to the formalities of the day, we were still able to be a bit playful, ringing true to who these two are at heart.

Jeremy and Grace, thanks again for your trust and enthusiasm. Much happiness to you both!