Chaitali + Hiren [Cerritos Center for Performing Arts Wedding]



When their custom, gold and burgundy 8x10 wedding invitation graced our mailbox -- a welcomed diamond in the rough amongst the usual postal suspects -- I just knew their wedding was going to be a grand event.

A wonderful couple, eye-popping colors, choreographed dances -- great food! This is the first Indian wedding I've had the pleasure of attending, and wow, what an amazing experience. It was really a sight to behold, a celebration spanning the course of not one, but three days, with a beautiful outdoor evening ceremony at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, and a royal reception the following evening at the Long Beach Westin. Chaitali and Hiren are friends of Gian and I, and it was fun seeing them tie their own knot after having them as guests at our wedding two years ago.

I look at weddings a bit differently now. Even as a guest, I'm always scoping out possible picture moments, or admiring the hired photographer at work. Chaitali and Hiren encouraged me to bring along my own camera, but I also wanted to be respectful of their event photographer, and not intrude on their work. So, I left all the big gear at home and brought along a single 50mm lens on my trusty Canon. I'm deliberately a little bit more removed from the action here than usual, but it was a fun challenge to keep to my own space, work from a distance, and be creative from the point-of-view of an invited guest.

Congratulations again to you both, and best wishes!!