Abby + Mat [Calamigos Ranch Wedding]



Casa Malibu Inn, a cozy seaside getaway hugging the Pacific. As the surf cycled in quiet laps off the porch of Room 101, indoors was a hub of activity -- hair in pins, makeup applied, laughter among gal friends -- and in the middle of it all, me, one guy with a camera. Warmly welcomed, I snapped away, capturing the little details before the big picture, stealing candid glimpses of the beautiful bride, Abby, shining in anticipation of the celebration to come. A wonderful start -- to a memorable day, and a great couple.

Up the road, family and friends gathered at Paradise Cove. Mat stood at the end of the cove's pier, backside turned to the shore, groomsmen and bridesmaids flanked behind him along the rails. Abby, escorted down the pier by mom and dad, slowly approached her husband-to-be, and, as Mat turned to face her, they glimpsed each other for the first time. Months ago, when I met Mat and Abby at the cove to discuss their planned "first meeting", the Big Day still seemed so far off. But there it was, real now. And perfect.

Mat and Abby married that afternoon under the magical Big Oak at Calamigos Ranch, Malibu. Twinkle lights above, sun streaming through the trees, shrouded by nature and away from the city. A pretty cool place to declare your love.

The day offered so many great moments, I had a hard time picking a select few to share here. At week's end, their complete story will be shared through a slideshow. Until then, enjoy.