Abby + Mat [Ventura Harbor Village Engagement]



When Abby told me her fiancé, Mat, is an avid surfer, we all agreed "water" would be the most fitting backdrop for their engagement session. There's no shortage of beautiful coastline in Southern California, but their chosen location, Ventura Harbor Village, in Ventura County was an especially nice gem. What a beautiful place. Alive with bold colors and the golden glaze of the setting sun, the combination of marina harbors and ocean surf was a photographer's dream, as was this couple.

Mat and Abby looked great together, flashing plenty of smiles, never failing to keep the energy alive and strong as we jumped from spot to spot, trying to take it all in. There's an ease and approachability to their personalities, a sense of fun and affection between them always shining through. When two people are truly comfortable with one another, it shows. And the camera sees.

Mat and Abby, thanks again for the great time and congratulations on your engagement. And thanks for letting me spend a little extra time on these pictures -- there were just so many fun ones.  Enjoy!