Laurel + Amelia [Los Angeles Cousin Portraits]



Cousins Laurel and Amelia shared the spotlight on this shoot, and everyone had a fun day just playing in the quiet of the backyard. Laurel is a future movie star, a natural -- running around all smiles and striking poses for the camera. She loved goofing around with the Croquet mallets laying in the grass -- I think at one point, she was able to hold four or five at once!

Baby Amelia has the most amazing dimples and wasn't at all shy flashing her big smile at the camera. I have to wonder what these little babies are thinking when they see me snapping away up close. In fact, at one point, Amelia reached right out to me, her tiny fingers open wide, as if to borrow the camera. Ha-Ha. I think we have another future photographer! Thanks for the fun day everyone! Enjoy!