Start Those Engines



Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, I realize, this already being January 13th, that if I were in Times Square, I'd be the only dingbat left throwing confetti in the air. But, seeing as how this is my first post for 2009, Happy New Year still seems like a fair salutation. The good news is, I've been pretty focused on some exciting behind-the-scenes happenings, but then it hit me: "The Blog"! Sort of like when you pop some Pillsbury rolls in the oven, start vacuuming, and then, forty-five minutes later, you're like "The Blog!".... well, actually, "The Rolls!"... heck, you get the idea!

This morning, as I was driving past (key words, driving past) the Spectrum Health Club -- draped with its big, loud annual "Feel Better In Sixty Days" banner -- I'm reminded that January is the honorary month-of-change. Change around here, as well. It's that time for new galleries to be hitting the main website (check back later this week!). It's also the year we'll be offering new books, albums, and canvas prints to make your images shine. It's the year to meet some wonderful new faces and friends, to share and capture some great experiences, to jet off to our first destination wedding, and to explore some jazzy new changes on the blog, including the sharing of more personal work and the occasional photography tidbit or two for those readers who might find it of interest. All of this might not happen in Sixty Days, but hey, let's shoot for the moon and see where Apollo lands.

Most importantly, I want to thank my clients -- past, present, and future -- for blessing me with your spirit, enthusiasm, kind words, and generous referrals -- and for making all of this just such a blast to be involved in. It has been, and continues to be, a great privilege to share in your most precious moments. I also want to shout a big thanks to my fellow photographers, for their wisdom and friendship, for checking in on me and offering their voice, and for keeping me inspired. I'm looking forward to meeting more of you this year, and, as for myself, giving back to the community that has been so helpful.

Thanks for staying with me, and for tuning in. I leave you, for now, with a few fun snaps from my holiday on planet Hoth.

And, of course, a big hug and thanks to my biggest fan, Gian. R.I.P., Frosty.