Honey, I Shrunk The Savings Account (But Blew Up The Monitor)

Hey out there blog readers! Lots to share during this busy photography season, with great sessions like these three coming up real soon. I'm always super grateful to be working with such patient clients, as I really enjoy investing extended time editing their images, making them the best they can be, and reflective of my style. I come from a background in film, where tinkering on prints in the darkroom is part of the process. So, even in the digital world, it's a hard, yet rewarding habit to break. (Wasn't that a Chicago song?)

In fact, post-processing has been in such high gear, I blew up my Apple Cinema Display a couple weeks ago. There I was, editing away in Adobe Lightroom, and the screen just went black. Kaput. Darkroom. Apple Cinema Display 2007 - 2010. R.I.P. Alas, the toy served me well, but I now had an excuse to finally super size my screen real estate. And since Apple is no longer manufacturing quality matte screens suitable for photo editing (they're all glossy now), I jumped ship to a different brand. It came at a pretty penny, but it's like moving from a twin air mattress to a king bed. Stretch!