4x4" Press Printed Books



If this book was a hamburger, it'd be a slider. Bite-sized. Mini Me. Bethca can't eat just one!

At 4x4", this keepsake lures you in for a closer look with its deceptively small size, and then slaps you silly with its wrap-around cover, full page spreads, and punchy press printed images. With its compact profile and sturdy build, this book is the perfect fit in a pocket or purse. Super convenient for sharing your favorite images on the road with family and friends. No need to carry around a stack of prints or a larger album. The bound pages are firm with a glossy sheen, and fingerprints wipe away clean in a snap. A custom gift guaranteed to make an immediate impression. And if you have an appetite for bigger images, these books are available in larger sizes and proportions, too!