What's Up, Doc? [USC Graduation Portraits]



Doctor, Doctor give me the news, I've got a bad case of lovin' you!

Congratulations, hugs, smooches, and periodic tables to Gian, my better half, who I had the joy of seeing graduate yesterday from USC, with a Ph.D in Chemistry no less! Woo hoo!! What an awesome accomplishment to see all of your hard work rewarded. Plus, it's so great being married to another workaholic -- we can burn the midnight oil together -- I, editing pictures, and you, typing away about DNA, RNA, site-directed spin labeling, and a slew of other topics I've tried my best to understand, but alas fly over my head higher than a 747. All I know is that when you mix baking powder and vinegar, you can create a pretty cool volcano -- how's that for a scientific breakthrough?

Camera by my side, I was able to capture a few key moments from the ceremony. Unfortunately, Gian had to return the flashy red & gold robes this morning -- a Trash-The-Graduation-Gown-Session would have been killer, don't ya think? (In-joke to all the photogs out there).

To start, a Where's Waldo? moment....