The Bashful, The Bold - Both Beautiful

The world is a bigger place when you're a kid. A full piggy bank is Fort Knox. The years are long, the sky is forever, and the sea, endless blue. So, when I brought out my "big guns" camera -- aptly nicknamed by my cousin -- to photograph her little ones, I imagine it must have appeared as if I had unleashed the Hubble telescope upon them.

This was a bit of a kamikazee indoor mini-session, snapping what I could in a minute or two before their instinct to run for mom's cover set in. Julia was a bit shy, but I think it made for some really cute and honest moments. I cornered Jeremy on a sofa chair and riffed off a few shots before the two of us called a truce.

In a split moment, it was over. Eternity to them!

Thanks for playing, guys!