No June Gloom Here!

California has a reputation for being the land of constant sun, but every year around this time, in June, the clouds seem to roll in on cue, and the spell doesn't break until July. Thankfully, the cloud cover usually burns off by afternoon -- and the overcast skies are great for photography anyway -- so no "June Gloom" (as the locals call it) to fear here. Actually, it's going to be a pretty exciting month.

In the coming weeks, we'll be showcasing images from the first of a few weddings this year. Abby and Mat had their engagement pictures taken last fall, so it's going to be a real treat to experience the wedding they have planned. We'll also be posting images from a new family shoot, complete with kids, adults, and even a dog! Definitely plenty to keep busy with this month!

I also wanted to share a couple peeks of a really cool brochure Beth Andrus of Bad Baby Fashions designed, using images taken from our shoot earlier this year. It's great to see the images being incorporated into her print and online marketing. And we'll be organizing another session later this summer to photograph her latest shirt designs and styles. Go Beth!