Double Feature Weekend

As I stumbled through the front door of our home at 1:30am this past Saturday night, my wife, Gian, couldn't help but laugh a bit -- nor could I. Shirt wrinkled, two cameras slung across my shoulders, face clinging on to a faint smile, I must have been quite a sight. No longer was I the crisply ironed, well-rested, new kid on the block wedding photographer she saw off 12 hours earlier. Film was now exposed, precious moments witnessed, and I was now the keeper of a collection of images from the day's nuptials of Mat and Abby. It was a beautiful and heartfelt wedding, with no shortage of wonderful moments -- and I had a blast! I'll be polishing up the images over the next couple of weeks, after which I'll be sharing some here, as well as in a slideshow.

I'd also like to thank the oh-so-cool family who hanged out with me for their family portrait session Friday morning while visiting from San Francisco. They've been checking out my work online from up north and decided to pencil in a shoot with me before heading off to Disneyland. Mickey Mouse had to wait, because we were having so much fun... we just keep shooting and shooting.

This past weekend was a full-throttle photo double feature for sure! Can't wait to share!