Bad Baby Fashions [Venice Beach Lifestyle Portraits]



Ohhhh yeah, Bad Baby Fashions is back -- with a vengeance -- in Venice! Venice, CA that is. If you've never been to the honky tonk seaside gem that is Venice, you're missing out. It's incredibly colorful, both in its places and people, and as a photographer, you could spend the whole day here and never run out of interesting places to shoot. It's camera-in-a-candy-store time!

Beth Andrus' fashionable, energetic T-shirts + Venice are peanut butter and jelly perfect. They just go together! Our first shoot together was this past spring, and our second time around doesn't disappoint. Beth continues to produce some amazing designs, and our model, Elisabeth, did a fantastic job showcasing the shirts -- in fact, she was such an eye-catching celebrity that we had a tourist jump in to have their picture taken with her. Hah!

I love doing these shoots because everyone on the team is always so collaborative, and there's a lot of play to be creative with the pictures. Most of these new shirt styles are going to start popping up on the Bad Baby website, so be sure to give Beth's online shop a visit and pick up a new top or two!