Blog, meet Film. Film, meet Blog.

Before diving into high end digital, I worked with film. You know, that perforated plastic stuff you used to take to the drugstore to get developed? Or, in my case, slave over in a dark room reeking of chemicals? Well, my poor 35mm Pentax hasn't seen the light of an exposure for a while, but as I was archiving some of my negatives and contact sheets, I came across a few images I thought were kind of interesting. These photos might not be event photography or portraiture, but hey -- good photography is all about unique lighting and composition anyhow, no matter the subject -- so, on the blog they go! In fact, I think I'll make a habit posting an "oldie" now and then. Better than letting them gather dust... and my Pentax won't feel quite as jealous of my digital Canon.

Also, a quick thanks to those who have emailed me compliments on the work posted so far on this site! Likewise, I look forward to working with those who've booked a shoot of their own. We'll have a blast!